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About John

John är galet passionerad av att förbättra Konvertering och Konverteringsgrad. Han har lång erfarenhet av att Optimera Affärsutfallet för online-företag och är grundare av Conversionista! - nr 1 på Online-konvertering i Sverige.

Posts by John Ekman

  • mobile first design

    Mobile Usability

    Mobile first = Desktop last?

    Mobile Fist has been a buzzword the last years. Say you don't believe it and the mood will shift in the room to the worse. We've seen a number of cases lately…

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  • Conversion Usability User Experience

    Spotify Ipad app login – What were they thinking?

    I heard that Spotify released their Spotify iPad app. Finally no more itty-bitty-tiny-screen-touchy to play your songs. So I downloaded the Spotify iPad app.And then I logged in, right?Spotify had made the most stupid thing I have ever […]

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  • Conversion Rate Events

    The Longtail of Conversion

    BIG strategies are IMPORTANT and can lead BIG results. And where the little things are more or less unimportant, does not lead to anything right and can be assigned to anyone on…

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  • Conversion Conversion Rate

    The Secret Behind the Success of the DollarShave Video

    The launch Video for DollarShave Club is one of this spring’s hits in social media (30,000 likes) and on Youtube (4.5 Million views). The Dollar Shave video went mega viral […]

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  • Events

    Top 4 takeaways from ConversionConference San Francisco

    First, a little ego-boost: I started my career in Conversion Optimization two years ago by traveling to the world's first conference on Conversion Optimization in San Francisco. Now I was back at the…

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  • Uncategorized

    Are You Saying “No” When You Could Be Saying “Yes” in Your Web Forms?

    Every web marketer knows (or should know by now) that web forms in checkout, sign up or any other registration process play a big role in the conversion funnel. Yet, […]

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  • Uncategorized

    Is Your Web Site a Swiss Bakery Lady?

    Don’t try to buy bread in Switzerland unless you know EXACTLY what each bread is called and can pronounce it perfectly. Just so unforgiving, are many Swedish websites when they ask their visitors to fill in personal ID numbers, zip codes and similar. Learn how to improve the validation […]

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  • Conversion

    The Online Bumper

    "Bumpers" or “Power displays" are used in physical stores to slow the visitors' pace as they enter the store. I'll try to investigate what we can learn from how Bumpers are used…

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  • Uncategorized

    Why über-Optimised SEO Titles Kill Click-Throughs & Conversion Rates

    Conversista's entry in the Unbounce 2011 Conversion Fest Blogging Contest is focused on the trade-offs between SEO ranking optimization and Click-Through and Conversion Optimization. See why going for the top SERP position…

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  • E-commerce

    The Three P’s of a Product Page that Converts – Picture, Price & Putton

    Ok, this title is a little bit stupid but Oli Gardner who runs the Unbounce blog liked it so much he wanted it for a guest post. The article examines how the…

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