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About Simon

Simon är en digital inföding och har jobbat med webb (aka the intrawebz) sedan barnsben. Han har tidigare jobbat här på Conversionista som en experimentninja - han älskar att A/B-testa.

Posts by Simon Dahla

  • ab-testing optimizely


    The best ways to avoid flickering (not to f*ck up your awesome A/B test)

    This is an updated list on how to solve flickering issues when A/B testing + best practices for implementations. Flickering = Unreliable results!

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  • ab-testa via GTM, gratis och med obegränsad trafik

    A/B-testing Google Analytics

    A/B-testing via GTM – free with unlimited traffic

    We list pros and cons and show HOW you do. A/B-testing via GTM is free and with unlimited amount of traffic - A complement to expensive tools>

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  • Få gratis konverteringstips

    Anmäl dig till vårt nyhetsbrev
  • Experiment feasibility analysis

    A/B-testing E-commerce

    Find out where it’s possible to A/B test your site with the Experiment Feasibility Calculator

    This calculator shows where on your site you can A/B-test by using data from your analysis tool. See the entire site instantly, try it now!

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  • Integrate Optimizely and GA through GTM

    A/B-testing Google Analytics

    The best way to integrate Optimizely and Google Analytics through GTM

    Through the years, we've integrated data from Optimizely and Google Analytics in many different ways. Now, we can show you the best way to do it.

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  • Demographics Reports

    Google Analytics

    Display Advertising is now in Universal Analytics

    Many of the features of Google Analytics Classic (ga.js) has not been available in Universal Analytics (analytics.js), but since the beginning of April, the Universal Analytics no longer in beta and all…

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  • A/B-testing Google Analytics

    A/B-test native apps with Google Content Experiments and Google Tag Manager

    A/B-testing is one of the most powerful tools to optimize an online business. That this has not been (fully) possible on native apps has been a problem for many. But now this…

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