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The best ways to avoid flickering (not to f*ck up your awesome A/B test)

ab-testing optimizely

This is an updated list on how to solve flickering issues when A/B testing + best practices for implementations. Flickering = Unreliable results!

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  • Conversion Conversion Rate E-commerce Google Analytics

    Users vs Sessions, how to avoid looking at conversion rates that can be 85 % wrong

    The conversion rate your using today might not display what you actually want to look at. We can teach your about the difference between Users and Sessions in Google Analytics.

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  • Why you should not user test with only 5 people

    Uncategorized Usability User Experience User testing & Eye tracking

    Why its bullshit to test with 5 users (unless you are asking the right questions)

    Stop doing stupid stuff with your user tests! Hi there internet stranger, sorry about the clickbaity title, but we have to talk about this. Bad practices with something close to […]

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  • Få gratis konverteringstips

    Anmäl dig till vårt nyhetsbrev
  • Link to your landing page


    Improve your most visited landing pages with Conversionista’s simple tool

    Analyze the most important pages on your site (where visitors decide whether they should stay, click through, make a purchase etc). Try it for free here!

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  • FUDs in forms and checkouts

    Conversion Conversion Rate E-commerce

    5 ways to remove FUDs faster than you can say free returns

    Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUDs) are three of the worst enemies of e-commerce and forms. Click to see why and how you can solve your problems.

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  • Cancel Load button Google Analytics

    Google Analytics

    How to get a “Cancel Load” button in Google Analytics

    Sometimes you want to cancel loading processes in Google Analytics, but there is not cancel button, until now! We can show you how to install one, easily.

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  • Optimizely VWO Optimize


    Optimizely X and VWO’s new CRO platforms vs. Google Optimize 360

    Optimizely, VWO and Google has updated their A/B testing tools - we want to clarify differences and highlight what's important to you. See the differences here:

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  • Mobil Ehandel: viktigare och viktigare


    Mobile e-commerce, Just f* Do It – Christmas edition

    40 % of e-commerce sites will not Christmas decorate their sites - is that smart? What does data and web psychology say? This is how you optimize your site in December.

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  • Page Speed desktop mobile tablet

    Conversion Google Analytics

    When does site speed start to affect conversions?

    Your site speed affects both conversion and SEO. Now it's more important than ever to improve your site speed, and we can show you how.

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  • ab-testa via GTM, gratis och med obegränsad trafik

    A/B-testing Google Analytics

    A/B-testing via GTM – free with unlimited traffic

    We list pros and cons and show HOW you do. A/B-testing via GTM is free and with unlimited amount of traffic - A complement to expensive tools>

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