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Users vs Sessions, how to avoid looking at conversion rates that can be 85 % wrong

The conversion rate your using today might not display what you actually want to look at. We can teach your about the difference between Users and Sessions in Google Analytics.

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Conversion Conversion Rate E-commerce Google Analytics

  • FUDs in forms and checkouts

    Conversion Conversion Rate E-commerce

    5 ways to remove FUDs faster than you can say free returns

    Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUDs) are three of the worst enemies of e-commerce and forms. Click to see why and how you can solve your problems.

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  • Conversion Rate Events

    The Longtail of Conversion

    BIG strategies are IMPORTANT and can lead BIG results. And where the little things are more or less unimportant, does not lead to anything right and can be assigned to anyone on…

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  • Conversion Conversion Rate

    The Secret Behind the Success of the DollarShave Video

    The launch Video for DollarShave Club is one of this spring’s hits in social media (30,000 likes) and on Youtube (4.5 Million views). The Dollar Shave video went mega viral […]

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