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Users vs Sessions, how to avoid looking at conversion rates that can be 85 % wrong

The conversion rate your using today might not display what you actually want to look at. We can teach your about the difference between Users and Sessions in Google Analytics.

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Conversion Conversion Rate E-commerce Google Analytics

  • FUDs in forms and checkouts

    Conversion Conversion Rate E-commerce

    5 ways to remove FUDs faster than you can say free returns

    Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUDs) are three of the worst enemies of e-commerce and forms. Click to see why and how you can solve your problems.

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  • Page Speed desktop mobile tablet

    Conversion Google Analytics

    When does site speed start to affect conversions?

    Your site speed affects both conversion and SEO. Now it's more important than ever to improve your site speed, and we can show you how.

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  • Få gratis konverteringstips

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  • A/B-testing Conversion Long tail of conversion

    4 ways to optimize a site with low traffic

    Do you have a low traffic volume? Can't do sufficient A/B testing? Are you worried that it means you can't optimize properly? We can help you!

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  • Searchers are Converters

    Conversion E-commerce Just do it

    Search and you shall convert, about 91 % more actually

    Visitors who use onsite search convert more, a lot more. A study of 14 big eCommerce sites show that searches convert 91 % more! Learn how to optimize YOUR search function.

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  • Conversion Usability User Experience

    Spotify Ipad app login – What were they thinking?

    I heard that Spotify released their Spotify iPad app. Finally no more itty-bitty-tiny-screen-touchy to play your songs. So I downloaded the Spotify iPad app.And then I logged in, right?Spotify had made the most stupid thing I have ever […]

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  • Demographics Reports

    Conversion Google Analytics

    User ID gives you insight, thereby increased value

    Did you ever think about what devices your users are using? Do you desktop user generate more valuable insights than you phone users? Can you see a pattern in their behaviour over…

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  • Conversion Conversion Rate

    The Secret Behind the Success of the DollarShave Video

    The launch Video for DollarShave Club is one of this spring’s hits in social media (30,000 likes) and on Youtube (4.5 Million views). The Dollar Shave video went mega viral […]

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  • Conversion

    The Online Bumper

    "Bumpers" or “Power displays" are used in physical stores to slow the visitors' pace as they enter the store. I'll try to investigate what we can learn from how Bumpers are used…

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  • Conversion

    Media Disruption: Apple vs Virgin

    I shot this picture in San Francisco last week. I'm quite proud because I managed to catch the awesomeness of the Media Disruption Tsunami in one single frame. One company coming in.…

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