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Users vs Sessions, how to avoid looking at conversion rates that can be 85 % wrong

The conversion rate your using today might not display what you actually want to look at. We can teach your about the difference between Users and Sessions in Google Analytics.

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Conversion Conversion Rate E-commerce Google Analytics

  • FUDs in forms and checkouts

    Conversion Conversion Rate E-commerce

    5 ways to remove FUDs faster than you can say free returns

    Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUDs) are three of the worst enemies of e-commerce and forms. Click to see why and how you can solve your problems.

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  • Mobil Ehandel: viktigare och viktigare


    Mobile e-commerce, Just f* Do It – Christmas edition

    40 % of e-commerce sites will not Christmas decorate their sites - is that smart? What does data and web psychology say? This is how you optimize your site in December.

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  • Få gratis konverteringstips

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  • a/b-testa i december

    A/B-testing E-commerce

    This is why you should NOT A/B-test in December

    Why? The A/B-test in December is stupid, we show why: save your business from lost time, wrong decisions and losing customers. Do this instead!

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  • choice

    E-commerce Long tail of conversion

    Choice Overload – 4 ways to make it easier for customers to choose (and be happy with their choice)

    How do the choices you are exposed to affect purchasing behavior? We describe consequences and 4 ways to facilitate the choice of the customer

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  • Experiment feasibility analysis

    A/B-testing E-commerce

    Find out where it’s possible to A/B test your site with the Experiment Feasibility Calculator

    This calculator shows where on your site you can A/B-test by using data from your analysis tool. See the entire site instantly, try it now!

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  • Searchers are Converters

    Conversion E-commerce Just do it

    Search and you shall convert, about 91 % more actually

    Visitors who use onsite search convert more, a lot more. A study of 14 big eCommerce sites show that searches convert 91 % more! Learn how to optimize YOUR search function.

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  • E-commerce

    The Three P’s of a Product Page that Converts – Picture, Price & Putton

    Ok, this title is a little bit stupid but Oli Gardner who runs the Unbounce blog liked it so much he wanted it for a guest post. The article examines how the…

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  • E-commerce

    What E-tailers can learn from Retailers

    The extremely strong growth in e-commerce in recent years could make us think we’ve come a long way. In fact, many E-tailers are learning to crawl when compared to traditional Retailers. The…

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