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Why its bullshit to test with 5 users (unless you are asking the right questions)

Why you should not user test with only 5 people

Stop doing stupid stuff with your user tests! Hi there internet stranger, sorry about the clickbaity title, but we have to talk about this. Bad practices with something close to […]

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Uncategorized Usability User Experience User testing & Eye tracking

  • mobile first design

    Mobile Usability

    Mobile first = Desktop last?

    Mobile Fist has been a buzzword the last years. Say you don't believe it and the mood will shift in the room to the worse. We've seen a number of cases lately…

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  • Conversion Usability User Experience

    Spotify Ipad app login – What were they thinking?

    I heard that Spotify released their Spotify iPad app. Finally no more itty-bitty-tiny-screen-touchy to play your songs. So I downloaded the Spotify iPad app.And then I logged in, right?Spotify had made the most stupid thing I have ever […]

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