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Keynotes & Videos #CJAM6

Bryan Eisenberg (US)
– Secrets of how Amazon Growth Levers the competition

“Founder” of CRO, top 10 user experience gurus in the world, a co-writer of the Wall Street Journal, Business Week and New York Times. Oh, and co-founder of IdealSpot.

Bryan is kicking it

Bryan’s presentation

Bryans presentation

Talia Wolf (ISR)
– Web psychology, emotional targeting and your beloved mobile?

Specialized on web psychology, one of the most influential voices in conversion optimization, CEO of Conversioner, Chief of growth at Banana Splash and, and, and…

Talia On-stage

Talia’s presentation

Karl Gilis (BE)
– Don’t do anything on your web you wouldn’t do on a first date

Best UX comedian of the year! And top 3 most influential Conversion Optimization Experts in the world. That should do as an introduction.

Karl creating laughs

Karl’s presentation

Linda Bustos (CA)
– Top 10 mobile e-commerce UX challenges

She’s like the planets ecomm guru: She has helped the best, written for the largest and about to publish a research of 500 US top ecomm mobile sites… DAMN girl.

Linda delivering awesomeness

Linda’s presentation

Martijn Scheijbeler (NL)
– 200 tests a year, the high velocity real deals

Marketing Genius at The Next Web – one of world’s largest publications. A marketer is about to teach you heavy testing, not to miss for… anything else.

Martijn sharing top secrets

Martijn’s presentation

Brian Dean (DE?)
– How to create content that converts 2016

Founder of Backlinko, growth hacker and SEO expert. And when it comes to link building, he is the best in the business. He would know of content, right?

Brian about to fire off success

Brian’s presentation

Annie Cushing (US)
– Top 7 ways to sabotage your Google Analytics data

Ever heard of Annielytics? Or the free Google Doc named “Hundreds of free tools for marketers”? Yeah, that’s her. And you do want to listen to this session.

Annie firing up the stage

Annie’s presentation

Thomas Tonder (FR)
– How to design e-commerce the not boring way

E-commerce hacker and optimizer of Salomon and Ellos. In 2016, e-commerce is still frustrating for professionals – you feel us? Containing several cases he will shift that.

Thomas fully filled with tips

Thomas’s presentation

Unn Swanström (SE)
– One click & nothing to purchase; redefining news media cro

UX design at Aftonbladet, Expressen, Thomas Cook, Netlight… (catch your breath)… IT woman of the year, organizer of The Code Pub… In charge of User Research at Mic.

All lights on Unn

Unn’s presentation

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