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Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization. Urgh, what a complicated word!
Lucky then that it is so easy to work with; the only problem is to know in which end you should start.

Conversion Optmization – a simple approach

Start with the end: What do you want your visitors to do on your site?

When you have decided on your conversion goals, make sure your site or page is focused on these goals and nothing else.

Take a look at almost any page you want, and you will se that they want to sell everything to everyone. The ones that dare to “scale down” and focus are the ones that in the end can present a higher conversion rate.

What conversion optimization is not

Many (web agencies) start in the wrong end, which is: What should the page look like and what content should it be filled with?
If you don’t think about what a page should DO, it doesn’t matter what it LOOKES LIKE or what it CONTAINS.

The right end to start with conversion optimization is to instead ask yourself: What business goals do we want to reach and how should our page work to make it easier to reach these goals?

We have a Method for conversion optimization that we have used ourselves and then optimized in more than 500 projects. You find it here>> 

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