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Conversion Jam 2017 Keynotes & Presentations

Karl Gilis speaker at Conversion Jam
Karl Gilis (BE)

Pricing and persuasion techniques to sell more

Best UX comedian of the year! And top 3 most influential Conversion Optimization Experts in the world. Besides, he has the best rated performance ever seen on Conversion Jam (welcome back, Karl). That should do as an introduction.

"Marketing people, stop bullshitting - be precise"

Karl’s presentation

Gerry McGovern speaker at Conversion Jam
Gerry McGovern (IE)

Conversion optimization is dead, long live convert optimization

No more CRO? Well yes. But what becomes more and more important is optimizing revenues from those who have already converted (he helped Dropbox, Cisco & Microsoft – Do we need to say more?)

"Conversion optimization is dead"

Gerry’s presentation

Simo Ahava speaker at Conversion Jam
Simo Ahava (FI)

What is engagement? A deep-dive into web analytics

A Senior Data Advocate and Google Developer Expert – Behind one of the most known GA & GTM blogs (a must for geeks – but not to be missed by everyone else who needs to understand their geeks).

"The best way to screw up your data - assume analytics is plug-and-play!"

Simo’s presentation

Chris Out speaker at Conversion Jam
Chris Out (NL)

The 7 pillars of growth hacking

Ranked top 3 CRO speaker. And business wise? We’ve been told about a 2328% ROI… This lead growth hacker will show you how CRO and growth work together.

"Stop throwing spaghetti on the wall"

Chris’s presentation

Amy Harrison speaker at Conversion Jam
Amy Harrison (UK)

Customer disconnect: How inside-out copy makes you invisible

Copywriter, content trainer, owner of Write With Influence, the host of the online sketch comedy show AmyTV… And the pro you’ll probably try to copy after this session.

"If you don’t care about words, you’re not a designer - you’re a decorator"

Amy’s presentation

Jono Alderson speaker at Conversion Jam
Jono Alderson (UK)

Digital marketing in 2022: surviving the machine revolution

Digital strategist, a marketing technologist and fullstack developer. You’ve heard about AI and Machine Learning but how will it affect your job? Jono will show how it unfolds.

"If you're just chasing conversions, rather than customers, expect to start losing market share"

Jono’s presentation

Tiffany Da Silva speaker at Conversion Jam
Tiffany Da Silva (CA)

superwoman saving the world from bad conversion and websites that suck can improve

Tiffany is a growth marketer, former head of CRO at Shopify and previously announced the world’s top 25 influentials in CRO + the former techwoman of Canada. Boom!

"Normal kids go for lemonade stands, I went for affiliate marketing"

Tiffany’s presentation

Marie Horneman speaker at Conversion Jam
Marie Horneman (SE)

How Berghs increase applications by 45%

How to achieve great success in a redesign project by working goal oriented, data driven and on things that really matters.

"Analyse data from the old site"

Marie’s presentation

Craig Sullivan speaker at Conversion Jam
Craig Sullivan (UK)

Understand how to prioritise your effort

Craig has been blending UX Research, Analytics, Split Testing, Conversion Optimisation and Voice of Customer techniques since 2006. He’s built teams, launched products and hacked the growth of websites for companies including Google, LOVEFiLM, Lego, John Lewis, eBay, Belron and many more.

Craig’s presentation

Magne Bjella speaker at Conversion Jam
Magne Bjella (NO)

First ever Norwegian speaker at CJAM

Digital Manager in The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet, awarded the “Golden Award of Honour” at INMA’s event Gulltaggen for his contribution to the Online marketing community in Norway

Magne’s presentation

Ling Valentine speaker at Conversion Jam
Ling Valentine (UK)

Let’s uncover the worst  – or the best? – site ever

You MUST have seen it already? Her site, LINGsCARS, it’s possibly the weirdest website on the internet, but don’t be fooled. What you think is weird and distracting is worth millions of pounds to her.

Note: You are viewing her content on your own risk.

❌⚠️‼️ warning - content will affect you ‼️⚠️❌

Forget about this boring shit!

Ling Valentine did not bring a presentation to Conversion Jam 2017, instead she made a statement about how boring all presentations and powerpoints are.

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